José Luis Gutiérrez is a 53-year-old Gay man of Cuban origin, without professional studies. He lives in Oakland Park in a rented apartment next to his dog called Chacha. Apparently he is a kind person, but he suffers from personality disorders and bipolarity diagnosed by specialists, symptoms that worsen with his alcohol addiction. It is usually seen at least 3 times a week in bars and clubs of Wilton Manors.

José Luis married 2017 with Sergio Alegria, a Chilean, Human Resources administration professional and Designer. They worked together in real estate at EWM Realty International Fort Lauderdale office for over a year. On October 23, 2018, Mr. Alegria had to flee the marriage house because of mistreatment, manipulation and rape by her husband Mr. Gutierrez. Case # FMCE18015238 of the Broward County Court.

Because of the abuse, manipulation and abuse Mr. Alegria suffered during the time they lived together, Mr. Alegria had to report him for domestic violence. Due to the complaint, Mr. Gutierrez decided not to authorize the payment of checks for the work of months Mr. Alegria had been doing at EWM under the administration of Mrs. Caroline Carrara, Managing Broker and friend of Mr. Gutierrez, who He witnessed several of his friend's abuse.

In addition to not paying Mr. Alegria, he threatened to report him to the migration department to remove the complaint. Mr. Gutierrez filed for divorce to prevent him from obtaining residence and going to his country to avoid following the complaint and paying the debt. Divorce case # DVCE18008874 in Broward County Court.

Despite the complaint, Mr. Gutierrez continued to harass Mr. Alegria in his new home. I followed him in public places and slandered him with friendships among other atrocities. Because of all the abuse, Mr. Alegria had to ask the court for an order of protection against Mr. Gutierrez.

Being October 27, 2019, Mr. Gutierrez has not paid what he owes either morally or monetaryly, but his inside lives rotten.

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